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Ad Agency Retainer Agreement

If you use this model, you pay the agency per project. If you want an agency to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook or write a content offer, it will offer you a price and give you a timeline of how long you`re working. A marketing retainer is essentially an agreement between a company and a full service marketing agency, which includes a monthly or quarterly budget in exchange for a variety of services. Retainers are usually over longer periods and are not project specific. This long-term relationship allows an agency to become familiar with a brand and help achieve long-term business goals. Even if you no longer charge by the hour, that doesn`t mean your team is excited for time recording. To make sure your retainer actually gives you money, you need to follow closely and provide your customer report with reports in which your team`s time has been allocated. At the beginning of the relationship, an agency will work with the company to define the strategic objectives that have been maintained. You may have already thought about hiring an agency for a marketing retainer, but you ended up on the fence, things like: What does a marketing retainer really mean and how do you know if it`s the right choice for your business? To work with a mid-sized marketing agency in the Detroit area, it costs customers about $6,000 a month. Note, however, that this fee gives you access to the entire Agency team – including the 11 digital marketers we recommend for a successful inbound marketing program. To lobby and ask your customers to purchase a monthly storage contract, productize Your retainer by explaining the services they find valuable each month. You can offer a monitoring service, a marketing campaign or anything you think your agency can provide to remind your customers why you are an asset to your business and why they should work with you every month.

A long-term relationship with an agency allows it to provide more resources to develop unique ideas and strategies that align with business objectives. These include cooking creative campaigns and messaging to help a company achieve its marketing goals. As with any new relationship, you don`t want to go beyond your limits with a new customer. It is unlikely that anyone will agree to pay a fixed monthly storage fee for X number of months without having a taste of what they are buying. Imagine a car being tested before you buy it. Keep in mind that storages are billed in advance. The time report applies to all jobs performed in the previous month, while the invoice is for the following month. We look forward to the long-term, strategic and results-oriented approach we can take with our customers if they trust us as marketing partners. If you are looking for a marketing partner or marketing-retainer suggestion, contact us at any time.

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