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Agreement Jual Beli Tanah

As a general rule, the function of the Land of Sale and Purchase Agreement letter is proof of a binding agreement between buyers and sellers in a sale and purchase of land. This document can also serve as evidence in the eyes of the law if there is a party who commits fraud in the purchase and sale of land. The function of letters of purchase and sale and agreements of purchase and sale (PPJB) is to retain both sellers and buyers carrying out land transactions. With regard to the aforementioned purchase and sale, the parties deliberately agree and agree to conclude a contract with the following conditions. The sale and purchase of the land was by each party at one square meter per square meter rp… 00 or a sum of money (in letters) ….. Rupiah, so the whole price of the country was: Rp… Rupiah, and will be paid by the Second Party to the First Part on a basis (cash/credit) the slowest……. ( ……………………………………………………….

) days/weeks/months following the signing of this contract. – For buyers, this letter becomes a guarantee that the land purchased is not controversial land, waqf land or cultural heritage whose rights should not be transferred. In addition, the surface of the land must be practically re-leased, whether for planting, parking purposes or even several decades for the construction of commercial spaces. If you want to carry out a transaction of purchase and sale of land, for example for the transition of hereditary land or rice fields. THE FIRST PART presents the land completion document on the day of the signing of the contract or at the latest after………….. the day following the signing of the contract. A plot of land with an area of 100 m2 in J. Leles No. 77 Tasikmalaya with land law certificate number 5089. Here is an example of consent to the purchase and sale of land that you can follow. Remember that the content of the contract letter is linked to the agreement of both parties. So that the example letter below can be modified in accordance with the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

1. The existence of the term agreement between sellers and buyers However, some agreements are usually included in the purchase and purchase letter, as it is considered important to be regulated. Among other things, the benefits of this land sale and sale letter can not only protect us from fraud as buyers. For example, a house that is still being built by a developer, or a buyer, requires a menstruation payment system. . . .

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