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Amended And Restated Operating Agreement Delaware

A well-crafted company agreement should serve as a marriage contract to avoid most partnership conflicts between members if a member decides to go in another direction. It sets the expectations of the parties from the beginning in order to tackle the problems later. In our experience, most problems in an LLC stem from disagreements with the owners. This corporate agreement helps to address these issues in advance in order to reduce the likelihood of future problems. This eleventh amended and adapted corporate agreement (this “Agreement”) of NYSE American LLC, formerly NYSE MKT LLC, American Stock Exchange 2, LLC, NYSE Alternext US LLC and NYSE Amex LLC (the “Company”), dated and effective as of July 21, 2017, is dated by nyse Group, Inc. (the “Member”), a Delaware company and a 100% indirect subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange. Inc. (“ICE”), pursuant to the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act, 6 Del.C. §18-101, ff. (in the version amended from time to time and any inheritance status At the beginning, members (owners) of a Delaware LLC have the option to use the company agreement to settle the LLC`s affairs as they see fit. How the LLC is organized is defined in its Delaware LLC Operating Agreement. This agreement between LLC members defines LLC`s ownership, management structure, and operating procedures.

This seventh amended and adapted company agreement (this “Agreement”) of the New York Stock Exchange LLC (the “Company”) is entered into by nyse Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Member”), pursuant to the New York Limited Liability Company Act (as amended from time to time and with each successor statute, the “Law”). THIS MODIFIED AND ADAPTED CORPORATE AGREEMENT of Verb Acquisition Co., LLC, a limited liability company in Nevada (the “Company”), will be entered into on or after September 4, 2020 (“Effective Date”) between the Company, the members who perform this Agreement on the date of this Agreement and any other person who becomes a member of the Company after the date of this Agreement and through the execution of a membership agreement of that Part The Agreement is entered into. . . .

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