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App User Agreement

It should be noted that the most common legal agreement for mobile applications is the End User License Agreement (EULA). While a number of clauses can and should be included in any such legal agreement, some stand out as the most effective and important for an appropriate and effective legal license agreement. Insert a “Settings” or “Info” menu into your app and embed or embed the license agreement (and other legal agreements!) in these screens. It is customary to see in both agreements limitation of liability clauses and disclaimers of warranty. To ensure that users see and agree to the app`s terms of service, make sure they are easy to find or encourage users to accept your terms before they can continue to use your app. In a “Usage Restrictions” section of your EULA Agreement, you clearly state what type of use of your mobile application is prohibited (or not), for example. B to limit the number of installations per license, to prohibit the use of the application for gain or to try to decipher the application. You should inform users if and when you make changes to your app and explain how those changes will affect them. If you allow a user to download, access and use your mobile application, this cannot be done without restrictions and restrictions. This serves to ensure the security of your own application and users` compliance with copyright law. a government embargo or that has been designated a “terrorist” country by the U.S.

government and (ii) it is not on a U.S. government list of prohibited or restricted parties; (5) When using the mobile application, you must comply with the applicable contractual conditions of third parties, for example. B if you have a VoIP application, you must not violate the mobile phone contract when using the mobile application; and (6) You acknowledge and agree that Application Distributors are third party beneficiaries of the terms set forth in these Mobile Application Terms of Use and that each Application Distributor has the right (and is presumed to have accepted the right) to enforce against you as a third party the terms set forth in these Mobile Terms of Use. . . .

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