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Catholic Education Enterprise Agreement Qld

This agreement applies to workers employed in schools, which are part of: among the authorized employees who voted, 94.7 percent of the staff of diocesan schools and 93.2 percent of the staff of the schools of the Religious Institute/public lawyers voted in favor of the agreements. Burke said Catholic employers in Queensland would have “forever the shame and shame” of being the first Catholic employer in Australia to threaten lockouts of their employees because they took “protected measures permitted by law.” The QCEC offer includes a general salary increase of 2.5% (above the inflation rate of 1.7%), an additional payment until July 1 for teachers and May 1 for school officials, as well as a one-time payment of $500 to eligible employees in return for signing a four-year company agreement. Dr. Perry said the deal meant employees would receive pay raises dating back to mid-2015. Lee-Anne Perry, executive director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, said about 95 per cent of employees who voted support the new four-year deal, which involves a 2.5 per cent annual pay increase. “Employees at 300 Catholic schools across the state have understood that the four-year agreement is a fair outcome for all employees,” said Dr. Perry. “They have been very patient because of a long negotiation process, and I want to thank them for that.” However, on Friday, Catholic employers threatened to exclude teachers and school leaders from their schools as a “Take it or leave it” offer for a new deal. AU-QNT Secretary Terry Burke said members would meet urgently today to discuss their response to what they called a “threatening and offensive offer” from employers. The executive director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC), Dr Lee-Anne Perry, said employers had made a “fair offer” to Catholic school staff.

“The fact that Catholic employers in Queensland are resorting to such shameful tactics is unethical of what a Catholic school stands for.” “IEUA-QNT members are shocked by their employer`s threatening behavior in a school environment where not only is harassment and threats not tolerated, but explicitly prohibited,” he said. “The $500 payment and reimbursement by the end of November would represent significant payments to many teachers and employees.” Once approved by the FWC, the proposed agreements will enter into force seven days later. . Catholic school staff in Queensland voted in favour of a new company agreement. “This threat is to block staff, which means they will be denied access to the school and banned from working on the school grounds.” Legal authorisation may only be obtained in point 4. Cairns Catholic Education Services Principals` Agreement 2016 Dr. Perry said employers had written to all employees to explain all the wages and conditions offered. Teachers in Queensland Catholic schools have learned in recent weeks about the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) certification process at information sessions across the state.

. The vote on the proposed new company agreements ended on Sunday, June 28, 2020. Explanation of the amendments and main features of the proposed agreement. “Catholic employers in Queensland have now resorted to threats and harassment tactics to impose a result on ongoing collective bargaining,” Burke said. . . .

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