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Michael Bly`s comment is another that has been waiting for moderation for several weeks (which I apologize for). If the land in question was legally included in a planning unit that was in residential use (as appears to be the case), the transfer of ownership would not have affected the position. Sumption suggests that curtilage can be extended easily and that there is no qualified time before it can be treated in this way. The condition is that the curtilage can only be extended to a single area that is already legally part of the residential planning unit, which seems to be the case here. So I can`t help but feel that the wooden summer house was allowed, but I would need instructions to properly check the position. I certainly do not accept that the rights of the rights apply only to the initial curtilage. In response to the anonymous comment of 17.02.14, a detailed answer to this question would require more information on the facts. However, the general rule is that the list includes buildings and structures built before July 1, 1948 and which, at the time of listing in the listed building, were in the vicinity of the listed building. Subsequent changes in the size and shape of the curvature would not affect the position. The Supreme Court is following the Fourth Amendment that houses and their conditions of treatment are protected from inappropriate searches without an arrest warrant.

However, curtilage is less protected than a home. In the absence of “No Trespassing” signs or closed-door fences, it is reasonable for a person (including a police officer) to move from a public space to the apparent main entrance of the house and use the most obvious means of “knocking and talking” with a resident. But for the rest, government officials need approval, an arrest warrant or a probable cause of circumstances to enter the house. We installed a 3Kw solar panel about 13 months ago. A neighbour complained to the local authority (Dacorum Borough Council) and its head of conservation said that two of our panels “affect the recruitment of listed buildings.” Apparently, they must be moved, removed or asked for permission to keep them. Comments, please? Dear Martin GoodallI have a question as to whether I… Our holiday home is part of a small terrace of 5 apartments, our is the 3rd cottage, but our garden sits just behind the terrace… We have a small cobbled courtyard at the back of the hut for washing and access, but our garden sits 7m further down the alley at the end of the other garden terraces…

we wondered if this was still considered curtilage and whether it was subject to authorized development for a studio… All the advice would be grateful. Thanks in advance as to as to the curtilage, would a building on the ground be considered part of the residential situation, if it has legally its own address?c.a., 349 Mockingbird St. and 349A Mockingbird St. Hello, I wonder if you are able to settle a case for me. A developer proposes to build nearly 100 properties on the land behind our house. Our land goes straight back into the field, with literally half a metre between the house and the fence (which we built). The developer proposes that houses that return directly to ours, a small amount of green space “heavily developed inside the curtilage of land 68-69″ (i.e.

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