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How To Draft Tenancy Agreement In Nigeria

As a rule, a person concludes several agreements a day. The terms are agreed each time an application is downloaded to a mobile phone or other technically compatible device. an online account is created on an email or social media platform; a purchase is made, whether online or offline. Given the amount of agreements that everyone will inevitably conclude without thinking too much, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop a relaxed attitude towards agreements. Another reason why an oral lease is not advisable is that it does not allow the parties to fully consider the conditions they want to manage their relationship or keep records/lawsuits about it. A carefully considered written agreement answers, among other things, the following questions: When does the tenant have to pay the rent? What is the consequence of non-payment of rent on the desired day? Which of the parties is required to pay for local government rental houses? What are the full obligations of the owner? What are the tenant`s complete obligations? Does the tenant expect a standard of behavior? Who covers the property`s insurance? Since oral contracts are usually entered into by parties who do not wish to involve a lawyer in the trial, it is unlikely that the parties will take into account any of these situations, thus leaving room for misunderstandings, given that there are no clearly formulated expectations or commitments. In Rivers State, the applicable laws are the Landlord and Tenant Law of Rivers State and the Recovery of Premises Law of Rivers State. The Rivers State Landlords and Tenants Act provides that a lease agreement may be made orally, in writing, or by deed. Leases with a duration of more than 3 years must be concluded by deed. For a period of three years or less, the agreement may be written or oral. Rules that may contain ideas on whether the lease can be terminated prematurely and under what conditions. It also includes the period for a tenant so that he/she can leave the property….

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