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Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

Imports of farmed animals must be accompanied by an updated quarantine certificate issued by the competent government authority in the country of origin. In Australia, it is the Department of Agriculture. All authorised plant and plant products require sanitary and phytosanitary certificates. Customs duties and duties are constantly reviewed and are subject to change without notice. Austrade strongly recommends that you witness this once again before selling to LA ROK. A certificate of insurance must be provided when the insurance is taken out by the exporter. Only goods originating in Korea or Australia benefit from tariff preferences. The ALER Preferential Rules of Origin (ROO) are agreed criteria to ensure that this is the case. Preferential ROCs are necessary to avoid processing, as goods are diverted by third parties, either by Korea or Australia, in order to avoid the payment of import duties. For imports into Korea or Australia that do not correspond to the ROO referred to in Chapter 3 and Annex 3-A of the Product Specific Rule, the general tariff rate is applied in place of the preferential rates available under NAFTA. Once you are a registered exporter, you have the right to obtain a CO for each shipment of goods you send to Korea. CO is a prerequisite for trade between CEFTA. We have the right to issue COs under NAFTA.

The CO certifies that your products comply with the FTA, allows them to qualify for preferential tariffs, and may be required for your goods in order to clear Korean customs. Your foreign buyer/recipient may also want a CO before They pay you. Please submit your KAFTA model by mail, in person or through our online certification services to the Victorian Chamber. If you would like it to be returned by mail, please attach a self-addressed Frenchized envelope. Note: Your CO deposit must be seized and the exporter`s declaration signed by a designated signatory so that we can issue your certificate. Upon request, the Ministry will provide written advice on whether the case is coming from Korea to benefit from the qFTA preference. Accompanying documents, including ingredient specifications, manufacturing methods and a certificate of analysis issued by the manufacturer, are required for the import of healthy food into the ROK. In order to act with Korea under NAFTA, your company must meet the corresponding export requirements. .

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