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Learning Agreement Universidad De Granada

5. If you receive your notice of approval, you can request that the documents displayed in the agreement, program or project be signed in preview. : 2. Contact with the department and agreement with the framework conditions of the internship/internship. You must send your proposal by e-mail to the corresponding office or unit and contain the full name, home institution, country of origin and the programme or agreement where you wish to carry out your internship. Please indicate the expected dates of your mobility period, as well as your motivations and expectations for your internship. We recommend a short resume that covers your knowledge and skills. 1. Find the best place for your internship/internship (department that focuses on content related to your degree).

With UGR websites: and, you can view all activities and work options in any office and department, as well as email addresses for contacts. To find out more about mobility and exchange opportunities at UGR, please see: Once we have received all the information and after verifying your eligibility for your internship, we will send you the registration information that will allow access to different university services. It was awarded by Erasmus Gold Star in 2007 and hosted in 2012 the Spanish national celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, on the occasion of which the University of Manuel Marín, Vice-President of the European Commission for the approval of the programme and defender of its value for the internationalisation of European universities, devastated the honorary devastation. 6. Upon arrival at the University of Granada, your manager must send us the following document from his institutional electronic account: 4. By authorizing the online application, you will receive a letter signed by our university management. This letter sets out the general conditions of the internship or internship and these conditions cannot be modified. Your official acceptance will be communicated to the office where you will work. At UGR, we are also a leading participant in the Erasmus Mundus programme for cooperation beyond Europe`s borders and we have a strong non-EU mobility programme funded by our own annual budget. In addition to the more traditional student mobility, we encourage the international mobility of our students in internships. Similarly, a large number of short-term mobility measures are proposed for summer courses and practical field research.

3. Once accepted, you must apply for official permission for the internship at the UGR. To apply, please fill in the online form, which consists of three stages: in recent years, the UGR has held the position of leader in student mobility at European level in terms of Outsourcing and Erasmus integration and management positions with teachers, non-teachers and mobility of traineeships at national level. All documents must be sent to the following e-mail address: UGR offers the opportunity to participate in internships or internships in different offices, departments, laboratories, etc. There are internal regulations for the admission of trainees that detail the requirements and conditions of each type of program. In addition, you must send us the declaration of responsibility as a participant in duly signed international mobility programs to the University of Granada:. . .

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