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Microsoft Works Cannot Display End User License Agreement

If you purchased the software for your personal use, this CAU can be assigned on the condition that you provide the original support and complete documentation and all associated media, and the purchaser communicates in writing to QSR that it accepts the terms of that license. In the absence of such notification from the purchaser, you remain responsible for the actions of the purchaser. If you purchased the Software for other use (including, but not limited to commercial or educational use), you cannot in any way manage the interest of these LAAs (whether by assignment, transfer, sublicensing or otherwise) without QSR`s prior written consent. You must disable the software from any server or device on which it is installed. Documentation attached to the software is only permitted for internal and non-commercial use (“Documentation”). Documentation may not be copied, modified or used in any way unless this documentation has been expressly approved by this Ca.A. Dolphin may update or update the software, but is not required to provide you with these updates or upgrades, unless the fee has been paid. Any update or update is related to the terms of this Agreement, unless you are asked to accept a new agreement as part of the installation of the update or upgrade. Use Debconf to pre-define the selection. This does not require the acceptance of the license: 5.1 If the software is labeled as an update, you must have a license for the earlier version of the software, which has been identified by ABBYY as authorized for this update in order to be able to use the software. You are not allowed to transfer the software and documentation and license to another person, either permanently or temporarily, without The Dolphin`s consent. In the event that “Dolphin” accepts the transfer, an additional software support charge (“SSC”) is levied to cover the additional support costs.

Subsequently, the transfer can only take place if that person agrees to accept the terms of this Agreement and you either pass on all copies (including the latest update and all previous versions) to that person, or you destroy the unre transferred copies. If you transfer possession of a copy of the software to another person, your license will be automatically waived. This ECJ will come into effect if you justify your consent to the address on its terms by selecting the “I accept the terms of the license” button, followed by the selection of the “Next” button and the installation of the SOFTWARE, or if you install, copy or launch the SOFTWARE in one way or another. Any such act will be considered as proof of your recognition that you have read this LAE, that you understand and agree to be bound to its conditions. If you do not accept the terms of this CLA, do not use THE SOFTWARE and do not disable it, remove it from your system and destroy copies of the SOFTWARE in your possession.

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