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Sales, leasing and financing operations vary widely. The completion date of a sale includes a typical list of delivery items: once the registration process is complete, the legitimate ownership of the land must have changed ownership. Is a lease generally subject to a guarantee instrument in accordance with the terms of the lease? What are the legal consequences of a lease being primarily superior to a security instrument during enforcement? Do lenders generally need subordination agreements and dysfunction on the part of tenants? Are basic (or basic) leases treated differently from other commercial leases? Once you have identified the country, it is always recommended to visit the country registry to conduct a search of the land in question. You will need a copy of the title deed of the seller`s land to facilitate the search. It will usually take three days to get the results of the actual owner of the property and if there is any caution with respect to the land. Armed with the map, the surveyor and the salesman visit the country on the ground. Have a tape meter to confirm the measurement from the map that is drawn at scale. Be sure to see the tags or replace the lost tags. Survey participants calculate about 1000 Ksh per lighthouse. Make sure neighbors agree with the limits. The tax payable is determined by a government appraiser and the assessment is carried out to determine the actual value of the land on the open market at the time of the transfer. The aim is to determine the value presented in the instruments to determine whether or not the value indicated in the instruments is increased. The sale and sale agreement is an agreement on the terms of the residential real estate agreement between a seller and a buyer.

It only applies to buildings that have been completed. The seller`s lawyer establishes transfer documents executed by both the buyer and the seller. The transmission documents will not be executed until after the transfer has been granted by the Commissioner of the Land. Search with the Ministry of Earth at the District or District Central to identify actual landowners and determine the presence of brokers and whether the title has been charged or has a restriction, for example if it was used to secure a loan, or there is a court order that excludes any transaction on the land.

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