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Shooting Location Agreement

Check out our article on searching and planning the “hidden” registration site in a script in which we`ll show you how to find sites in your script that aren`t obvious without a little pre-production experience. Once the building owner agrees, you should get it in writing, only in case they change their mind. A form for the release of sites is a prerequisite before walking on their land with any equipment, and it protects both parties. Before you start looking for individual locations, think about the cities that are best received for your film, as a region offers tax incentives or discounts. Counter-parts: “counterparties” means that the agreement is valid, although each party has signed a different copy. In other words, each party can sign separately (even at different locations), and the agreement is mandatory once all parties have signed. Counterpart`s language is very common and often added to ensure that a facsimile or electronic copy will be as effective as an original copy. You can either rent a Local Scout or leave on your own. Although it may be a little more expensive to rent a Local Scout, the time he saves could pay for himself. It`s the cost of opportunity that really counts.

Permission to enter and register the property: This is the centerpiece of any location agreement. You should have the right to enter and make registrations on the property. The agreement should indicate the location, dates and time you will be added to it. It may also contain a provision that allows you to return to the property for additional records if necessary. Each site has its own logistical considerations. Here are some of the most common questions you need to ask yourself: like AirBnb, giving and receiving reviews can increase a site manager`s reputation for future transactions. To be a faster signature, fill out as much information as possible in the site sharing form before sending (or seeing) the site owner. Once the agreements have been fully executed, make sure site owners receive a copy. How do you treat insurance? Do you need an outing on the film`s website? If you are taking pictures in a private place, now is the time to call the owner of the property. Checklist for locations, car parks, electricity sources, etc.

A good local scout can help. Ownership of records: The agreement should stipulate that you will own the records. That`s why this document is called the “Rental Release Form” (some also call it the Film Location Agreement Form).

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