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Union Collective Agreement Singapore

Once a collective agreement has been certified, each party can ask the IAC for an interpretation of the terms of the collective agreement. The IAC also has the power to amend or repeal the collective agreement in the event of ambiguity or uncertainty or in exceptional circumstances. If a collective agreement cannot be reached at the employer level, the employer or union may send a notice of conciliation assistance to the Ministry of Labour (MM). The employer can contact MOM directly under and the union can submit the notification online. The starting point for collective bargaining is the employer`s recognition of the union. Once a union is recognized, the union or employer can issue a notice that presents proposals for a collective agreement and invites the other party to negotiate. The following issues are excluded from the negotiations[16]: promotion or transfer of workers, employment of a person to fill vacancies in the company, dismissal for dismissal or restructuring, assignment or assignment of tasks that are not incompatible with his conditions of employment; and any request for dismissal or reintroduction of an employee, if he is entitled to make an appeal to the Minister under the IRA. The Labour Relations Act regulates the functions of a union in the relationship between employers and employees. Under the IRA, collective agreements must be certified by the labour tribunal (“IAC”). In this case, they are mandatory for the employer (or its successor) and for the union concerned and its members. The duration of the collective agreement must not be less than two years and no longer than three years. In the case of a corporate restructuring, the collective agreement remains valid 18 months after the day of the transfer or until the expiry of the collective agreement, with the latest date chosen.

If a collective agreement cannot be reached, the matter is referred to the IAC, which makes a decision on the dispute. Before referring the matter to the IAC, the parties may refer the matter to MOM mediation to review any mediation outcomes. Freedom of association and representation is guaranteed by law to all private sector workers. The most important statutes are the Trade Union Act, which provides for the formalities for the creation of a trade union, and the IRA, which establishes specific procedures for the negotiation of collective agreements and the conciliation and conciliation of commercial disputes. Labour relations are relatively stable in Singapore. One of the main features of labour relations in Singapore is the concept of “egosism”, which concerns workers (through trade unions), employers (through employers` organisations) and the government through MOM, and which collaborates as cooperation partners. For more details on the requirements for submitting a collective agreement, the types of disputes and the various channels for filing an application with the IAC can be found on the IAC website.

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