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Unite Student Accommodation Tenancy Agreement

We agree that the deposit is protected by an approved tenant deposit in accordance with the rules of the rental bond system. Confirmation that your deposit has been protected will be sent to you within the required time frame. You will occupy the alternative accommodation under the same conditions as in the rental agreement, including the rent to be paid. Unite Students is the largest private provider of student accommodation in the UK with over 76,000 student rooms. alternative accommodation is no less standard than your room/apartment; and “rental agreement”, the rental agreement formed by the details of the reservation at the same time as these rental conditions. You stop being a full-time student in training; or if we agree with you to change rooms to another room owned by a company belonging to the Group PLC unit group and/or managed by the Group PLC unit, you agree to be bound by the terms of this lease in relation to that space (until a new lease is entered into). At that time, we can re-arrive the space and, after successfully entering into a rental agreement with another person, we are assumed to have accepted this offer to remit to the contractual start date of a rental agreement with another person which will be the “delivery date”. Ask the arriving tenant to enter into a contract with us that confirms that the new tenant will respect and respect the tenant`s obligations contained in the rental agreement. If you are liable to us or another Unite Group PLC group company, you agree that all payments we receive from you will first be attributed to the oldest debt, including any amounts you still owe under a previous lease agreement with us.

“This is a time of great uncertainty and we have worked closely with universities, government and health authorities to understand what needs to be done for each of you. These include those who have already left your united homes or wish to leave in accordance with the latest government advice, as well as those who will continue to live with us. Based on the advice of some of our university partners that their students should go home, many of you have asked, rightly, where you are when it comes to your housing rents. We can now confirm that if you do not intend to stay in your single house for your third academic semester (i.e. after Easter), provided that you cancel us by email before Friday 10 April, unless you have already done so, we will treat this as a return from your room (in fact, a remittance of your rental agreement with us) and you do not have to pay your rent. We understand that it can be difficult, but please remove your belongings from your room and shared kitchen after that date…

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