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Vbof Change Agreements

After the change in the reduction rate and limits from -2% to zero and the execution of VBOF, the position for 201503 will be updated in S060 from 808.657- to 465,846-, the subtracted part is identical to the limit 342.811- in drilldown lists (before VBVB- execution). The customization setting of the exercise unit for S060 was correct at first, debitor established a reduction agreement with a 5% limit rate, several invoices were generated, S060 was properly updated. Subsequently, the client made a dangerous change to the S060 period from M to D. At that time, all the data was booted into S060!! Then, due to commercial needs, there was an amendment with a discount agreement: the demarcation rate was changed from 5 to 8%, and then a VBOF race is required to establish all the accounts before this rate change is updated. The system calculated the change in value and found that the demarcation value had to be increased by EUR 18, so this update of EUR 18 in the RUWRT field of S060, since all the fields of S060 are now at the beginning, we could only find that ruwrt is updated with this EUR 18 after the VBOF race. Finally, if we show the volume of sales of VBO3, the system only reads the data of S060 -> shows an erroneous sales volume. If, in the past, you establish a new discount contract with a launch date (called a “retroactive agreement”), the VBOF transaction must be executed to verify the existing invoice (established from the start date of the agreement) to which the new rebate must be applied. Before running VBOF, you will receive a message as follows: “The sales volume for Agreement 233 is not up to date.” If you change a conditional dataset for discount agreements, you may receive the same message, as the previously set discount values may be false. In this case, you also need to run VBOF.

What is not correct is that the discount agreement is taken into account when making the invoice, and that the condition will be removed if you run VBOF shortly after, without changing the agreement (this would be changes in the period of the agreement or the limit value for the discount condition).

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