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Wfg Ama Agreement

9 F. The titles and titles of the sections and subsections of this Agreement are simple and must not include all the provisions contained in them or the interpretations of those provisions. G. If a party, section, clause, paragraph, clause or provision of this agreement are found null or void by a court or arbitral tribunal of the competent jurisdiction, that finding has no bearing on other parties, sections, clauses, paragraphs, clauses or clauses of this agreement. H. Associate may not cede rights or delegate obligations under this contract unless expressly provided for. The WFG may, from time to time, wish that its rights and obligations in connection with these members of the company be transferred in whole or in part to its related companies or to others (a future sale); and the Partner accepts such a future assignment and agrees that after such a future assignment, WFG will be exempt from all obligations and liabilities thus transferred, provided that these liabilities and liabilities are taken over by the assignee. I. Where a party initiates an action or arbitration proceeding to enforce one of the provisions of this appeal, the dominant party is entitled, in this appeal, to an amount of its reasonable legal fees and all costs and expenses associated with it.

J. This agreement, including the glossary and the explanation of the terms and all association agreements, constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the parties. The WFG may, from time to time, amend this agreement by communicating such a change in writing to the partner. In the event that the association does not object to such a change, which was delivered to the WFG within 10 working days of receipt of a written notice of amendment from the partner, the partner is deemed to waive his right to oppose the amendment and is deemed to accept all the conditions set out in it. Commissions paid on products and services sold on the basis of applications submitted by the partner prior to the effective date of the amendment cannot be increased or reduced by this amendment. If the association opposes the proposed amendment, the WFG has the option, within the time frame specified in the sentence above, to terminate the contract or continue the existing agreement without the proposed amendment. An amendment, amendment, termination or attempt to waive any of the provisions of these provisions does not involve the WFG, unless it is signed in writing and by an agent appointed by the President of the WFG. K. Given that the parties recognize that essential aspects of this agreement will occur in the province of Ontario, even though the partner`s activities may occur wherever authorized, the provisions of this agreement are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario. If the rules of conflict of laws or choice of laws chose legislation from a different jurisdiction, each party would waive those rules and accept the material right of the province of Ontario to govern in spite of everything. The parties agree that the courts of the Province of Ontario, unless otherwise provided, have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes between the parties, without relinquishing their Section V rights and obligations, and the partner explicitly submits to the jurisdiction and tribunal of Ontario`s provincial and federal courts with respect to these disputes.

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