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What Is An Nrc Agreement State

If state-recognized tribes have concerns about the Wyoming Agreement proposal and the implications of NRC`s adoption of Wyoming as a state party to tribal engagement, what are the channels for expressing those concerns? NRC is currently reviewing the impact of transferring a licence to Wyoming if there is a corresponding programmatic agreement or memorandum of understanding on the site. Click on a specific State (or the State code shown below) to obtain the names of the State Party and the directors and liaison officers of the non-Contracting State. What happens to license applications that have been challenged before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board (ASLB) and have not been completed when the Wyoming agreement comes into effect? NRC will make every effort to implement the pending licensing measures prior to the regulator`s transfer to Wyoming. In the months leading up to the effective date of the agreement, NRC will determine which outstanding licensing actions cannot be taken before the effective date of the agreement and determine a logical location for the completion of its review. For example, NRC may cease to obtain a permit after issuing a request for additional information or completing the environmental assessment. This information would also be provided to the State party for use in completing the review of outstanding licensing measures in accordance with its process for reviewing compatible licences. .

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