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Work Package Agreement

Indicators of progress will be the final composition of PMOs, the level of quality/precision of the guidelines and the date of adoption of partnership agreements. Click the “Manage Partners” button on the Effort tab to manage the list of partners associated with the work package: This work package supports the implementation of WP2, WP3 and WP4. The goal of WP 5 is to create and animate a network of researchers who deal with WNRM. Two main tasks need to be accomplished to create a “movement” to improve research cooperation between partners. The first will be to maintain specific network animations for researchers and teachers within the consortium, such as regular online training (webinars), current research presentations, conference calls, scholarship calls, etc. In order to involve external stakeholders in the network, these activities will be accessible to the public. The second task will be to improve the participation of PhD students through a series of workshops and trainings within partner institutions. These courses are offered online. To this end, a special web page will be created on WANASEA`s website and mobile app.

After the workshop, we will develop a series of questionnaires to identify key WNRM stakeholders. In addition, we will be mapping existing doctoral courses and master`s courses on the WNRM theme. This catalogue will serve as the basis for additional courses and training to improve the quality of existing programmes and create new ones. In the long term, we expect joint degrees and joint research activities between project partners. WANASEA has now reached a joint agreement between all parties on all administrative and financial issues of the project and will be able to sign the partnership agreement within the first six months of the start of the implementation process. This paragraph contains almost all of the items listed at the beginning of this article. Bob has listed all the pieces he`s going to make available. He gave the rate for the project and the payment methods. The clause limiting the scope is in its last sentence.

Since the specific parts of the entire letter are indicated, it needs another offer with separate fees and delivery date for all additional items. Note that the language does not need to be extremely formal. Bob held a conversational tone without losing one of the important features a contract needs. In Crafting a Contract: Part I, I gave you the necessary basic elements of a contract and made it clear that the contractual agreement was clearly defined. In Part II, we look at your work package as part of the contract, especially the specifications you should use to define the size and price of your work. On request, other WP frameworks, other useful communication and social networking tools and applications (webinars, Facebook, interactive online surveys, e-letters, templates, logos, etc.) could be developed. The main objective is to improve project management, make seminars and training more interactive, effectively disseminate WANASEA results and encourage a network of researchers and stakeholders specializing in the WRNM program.

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